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Ecovilla San Mateo

Coming November 2021.

La Ecovilla happily introduces you to Ecovilla San Mateo

new project

Ecovilla San Mateo

Located just a few minutes from La Ecovilla, Ecovilla San Mateo is just a new space for the same lifestyle and principles that we have been promoting since the beginning. 

On the shores of the Machuca River, which unites us as a community, and brings us water not only to drink but also to nurture our foods and spirits.

Ecovilla San Mateo

Meet the New Project!

Marcelo Valansi introduces this amazing project.

Ecovilla San Mateo

The day has come! Marcelo Valansi introduces us to his new project, Ecovilla San Mateo

Come meet this new land, built over 200 hectares, and visualize the new community with us.

Ecovilla San Mateo

Ecovilla San Mateo will be a community of communities!
Shared spaces available for every community will include the coworking space, the lake, the gym, our school Casa Sula inside a designated zone within Ecovilla San Mateo, making it possible for children to walk or bike their way there travelling through the many paths that will traverse the 200 hectares of the project, and an important orchard just by the waters of the Machuca River.
In addition, this designated zone will also have a building with apartments designed for the necessities of senior living, along many other buildings for families or for those who want to live in harmony with nature in a smaller space.
With varied terrain , each community will have its own orchard, Rancho, Yoga Deck and swimming pool.


in total.


of shared green spaces.


of private green spaces.


allowed construction capacity.


Our Location

We are located 10 minutes away from La Ecovilla, still in the fruit growing region of Costa Rica with amazing weather, just 75 minutes from San Jose, one hour from the airport, and less than 40 minutes from the beach.

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