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Harmony natural Community Pura-vida Peace care Ecovilla resilient Live in The place to live a fulfilling, purposeful life.

La Ecovilla is a regenerative and resilient community, inspired by the idea of living in harmony with nature and with each other, understanding that growth does not have to be destructive, but rather regenerative, while our place in the world stills guarantees to meet our basic needs: water, food, a roof over our heads and energy.

La Ecovilla

La Ecovilla

The land where La Ecovilla was developed used to be a cattle farm, until it began to transform into an ''edible forest'' in 2010 by planting fruit trees and edible plants before building the roads and general services, which were ready by 2012, allowing 43 families from 29 different countries to build their homes in La Ecovilla.

Ecovilla San Mateo

Ecovilla San Mateo

COMING SOON! A new challenge is about to begin: transforming another former cattle farm land into an intentional community. This time, in a land 10 times bigger! Join our newsletter and receive an invitation to the PRE SALE event.

Coming Soon La Ecovilla

Coming Soon

Coming soon. Learn where we will develop our next Ecovillas.

Casa Sula

A New Way To Learn

We own and operate a community school for our children based on connection with nature and the idea that the children’s interests are the best educational guides

Amenities & Shared Spaces

To form a truly bonded community, having shared spaces is truly important. Learn more about the spaces we share in La Ecovilla!

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Our Values

Harmony La Ecovilla


Harmony with each other and with the environment

Nature La Ecovilla


Respecting and taking care of nature, protecting our planet.

Gratitude La Ecovilla


Not taking any moment for granted, to be grateful for every new day.

Love La Ecovilla


Everything we do is done with passion and with love.

Intentional Living Icon La Ecovilla

Intentional Living

We live our lives purposefully and with intention. Life is a conscious choice.

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    Our Location

    La Ecovilla is located in the heart of Costa Rica’s fruit growing region with amazing weather, an hour from San Jose, 45 minutes from the airport, and less than 30 minutes from the beach.

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